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Business Team

At a Glance

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who has ever found there is some people they get along with straight away, and others that
they find frustrating or annoying

Individuals and teams who could benefit from more effective communication.


  • Click Colours introduction: A fun one hour overview of Click Colours that explores their meaning to
    individuals and how they can be applied to improve communication and interaction with others.

  • Click Colours workshops: An additional one or two-hour workshop that supplements the Click Colours
    introduction. These workshops include activities for participants to explore the application of Click
    Colours in various settings, e.g. Customer Service, Innovation, Team Meetings, and Projects. These are
    usually run in conjunction with the Introduction to make a 2 or 3-hour session

Tools Provided:

  • Includes a set of Click Colours Cards for each participant.

  • Subscription to our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

Related Training:

Have you ever wondered why you CLICK with some people and others drive you CRAZY?

Click! Colours

Now you can discover why people behave the way they do, and how to build great relationships, improve communication skills, and identify your personal potential.


Our Click Colours workshops provide powerful insights into human behaviour that boost both individual and team performance. These interactive programs will give you tools and strategies that you can use the very next day and make great teambuilding sessions.

  • Boost relationships

  • Build rapport with colleagues and clients

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Enhance teamwork

  • Gain cooperation of others

  • Strengthen your impact on others

  • ‘Win friends and influence people!’

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