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Project Management

From planning to executing projects, having a process in place every step of the way is crucial to the success of your projects. 

Proper project management resources provide leadership, vision, motivation and coaching to inspire your team to do their best work. 


Priority Management's project management courses are certified by P.M.I., the world's leading Project Management  Institute.

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Project Training Solutions

Over 35 Years of Refinement

For any projects, small to large, having a clear project management methodology and process is critical to the success of your projects. 

Priority Management has over 35 years of experience delivering project management training solutions that help you focus on the key elements, from start to finish.

Priority Management is a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) with the Project Management Institute (P.M.I.). From novice to veterans of the field, we have solutions to support your project management skills development.

A proven process that can be immediately understood and implemented by your whole team

Regardless of the diversity among people, locations, departments, or disciplines involved, this program provides a streamlined overview of the basics, while focusing on a vastly improved methodology to meet the rigorous challenges of developing a project execution plan.

Manage both Operational and Project work in one place

Receive practical hands-on skills instruction to help you absorb and apply proven techniques for tracking and managing projects using your Microsoft Outlook.

This program is ideal for small to medium sized projects where only basic reporting is required. Basic project management experiences is helpful however, not necessary.

Manage the complexities of multiple projects more efficiently and effectively

Carry out multiple project execution plans developed through the Project Planning Breakthroughs method accurately and effectively with MS Project using common resource pools and external dependencies, along with detailed reporting and updating. Produce standard and customized reports, and develop a process for tracking and updating project plans.

Execute your projects on-time and on-budget

This program will enable participants to avoid common pitfalls and become competent users of Microsoft Project. By the end of this training, users should be very comfortable with using the program, and able to create and manage a reasonably complex project.

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